The explosive memoir of an FBI field operative who has worked more undercover cases than anyone in history.

Within FBI field operative circles, groups of people known as “Special” by their titles alone, Michael McGowan is an outlier. 10% of FBI Special Agents are trained and certified to work undercover. A quarter of those agents have worked more than one undercover assignment in their careers. And of those, less than 10% of them have been involved in more than five undercover cases. Over the course of his career, McGowan has worked on more than 50 undercover cases.

In this extraordinary and unprecedented book, McGowan and Pezzullo take readers through some of McGowan’s biggest cases, from international drug busts, to the Russian and Italian mobs, to the Sinaloa Cartel and El Chapo himself, and corrupt unions and SWAT work. Ghost is an unparalleled view into how the FBI, through the courage of its undercover Special Agents, nails the bad guys.

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