I guess for all of us it was always a dream to have Ralph Pezzullo in front of us, giving us tips to improve our writing and storytelling.

Let’s say that part of that dream will come true in this article, where Ralph shares with us what for him is the right way to write sex scenes worthy of appearing on YouPorn and the big movie screens!

What does Ralph Pezzullo have to say?

When you embark on this exercise and venture into sex writing, several things you should ask yourself. For example things like: The need for details to creep into your sex scenes or not.

In this type of content it is clear that sex must be present and sex scenes should not be avoided and you must be able to interlink them with the other part of your story (science fiction, historical, crime, thriller, etc).

What approach should I take?

As in almost any other type of writing, there are several approaches the writer can take to make his or her story have a particular sparkle. You have to find the one that suits you best, so let’s tell you more about the most common approaches:

  • Factual approach: This is where some writers let their inner selves show (according to Ralph). It is characterized by having quite precise, visual, and detailed sex scenes.
  • Suspense points: A technique quite often used where they try to avoid the sexual scene at all costs, however, it is still obvious that at that moment the characters in their stories are having wild sex like your favorite Youporn star. 😄
  • Figures of speech: This is a brilliant technique for writing about sex, especially erotica, without the need for realistic details. You use the personification of objects mainly to imply what is happening between the characters.

Respect the lines of thought:

It is important that you always seek to adapt the sexual practices to the main focus of your text.

We know this may sound a bit vague, however, we mean that if you’ve been talking about and describing explicit sex scenes with rough positions and scenes, it would be a bit strange to change the line and make it romantic overnight.

So revise your novel again and again until you feel totally confident about what you have in your hands. If possible, let other people read it and give you feedback.

But above all, avoid at all costs entering porn scenes in which an attempt of rape or sex without consent is shown, this is something that no one in their right mind will accept and will cause you a lot of problems.

Ralph’s personal experiences with porn writing

In the last novel he finished (and never published), writing this particular scene was quite complicated.

It was a novel of general literature: therefore, she was quite free to add a sex scene. However, as the main character had suffered a rape in the past, it quickly seemed essential, at the time of the rewrite, to add a sex scene, since the question of sex in a new relationship after rape cannot be avoided.

He chose a rather descriptive but modest scene, in the same style as the rest of the novel. He didn’t want there to be a gap between this scene and the others.

However, his scene was quite difficult to write. It indicates that it is a rather intimate narrative and she was a bit embarrassed that her family or friends would see this scene as a hidden desire.

Also, it is obvious that it is not something Ralph usually writes and let’s say he has no experience in that field, however, it seems that everything went quite well and he ended up writing a work that was mostly well received by those who had the opportunity to read it.


Writing erotic or sexual novels is actually quite difficult, even for those authors established in other areas of literature. Take it easy and think well about what you are going to write and how you are going to describe it!

Try not to get out of the ideology of your novel, to avoid causing a strong shock to the readers.

We hope these little tips from Ralph will help you to diffuse some doubts and will inspire you to create erotic works of art that can potentially be taken to write scripts for youporn and the big screen!

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